Always available. Also when you are busy!

Our trained telephonists are your colleagues at a distance. Your new colleagues will speak to every (potential) customer on a professional level, with your personalized welcome message. Together we prepare a perfect script, so your customer will not be able to hear the difference between your colleagues and ours.

Professional handling of your incoming calls
Upgrade your availability by phone
Stay focused, without being disturbed.
Potential customers will not be lost due to unreachability
No cancellation period
Trial period of 2 weeks
Multilingualism: Dutch, English and German
Personal script for conversations with (potential) customers

Our packages

With the Telephone Answering Service you will be relieved in answering the phone at moments that are unfavorable to you. You outsource the conversation to our remote operator. Our Telephone Answering Service consists of three different packages.

Package A Package B Package C
Costs €35 p/m €62,50 p/m €150 p/m
Included calls 10 35 100
Included seconds per call 90 90 90
Call forwarding Starting rate €0,95
Price per second €0,02
Starting rate €0,95
Price per second €0,02
Starting rate €0,95
Price per second €0,02
Costs outside bundle €2,25 per call
€0,0075 per second
€2,00 per call
€0,0075 per second
€1,75 per call
€0,0075 per second


Availability from Monday till Friday from 08:00 till 18:00
Report of every phonecall by e-mail
90 seconds per call
Choose to pick up, after 3 rings it will automatically be forwarded

Do you only need a national or regional telephone number? With this package you get a virtual number where you can be called at. We then transfer this to a telephone number of your choice.

Costs €15,- p/m
Costs per incoming call Starting rate €0,95
Price per second €0,02


24/7 forwarding to your personal phone number
Professional appearance with your own national or regional phone number

Make it your own

SMS callback request

€7,00 per month

Monthly report

€15 per month


€10,00 per month

Welcome message

€10 once

Working days 18:00 – 22:00

49,00 per month


€75 per month
10 calls included
Outside bundle: €2,50 per call

24/7 availability

€199 per month
30 calls included
Outside bundle: €2,50 per call

Frequently Asked Questions

What more do you need to know about your Virtual Office

What is the difference between telephone answering and telephone forwarding?

If you opt for the telephone answering service, our telephonists will talk to your customers using a script. If you opt for telephone forwarding, we provide a business telephone number (for example, a national 085 number, or a local 010/020 number), which we redirect to your mobile phone.

How do I sign up?

Sign up by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page (link). We will contact you within one working day to complete the registration.

Do I receive notifications of my incoming calls?

Yes! We register every incoming call by name and the result of each conversation. These will be send you by email after each call. If you would like to be notified by text message so you can act faster, please let us know. Our texting service is one of many add-on options to make life even easier.

How can you properly answer questions in the name of our company?

Beforehand you fill in the intake form, with this information we will be able to answer most of the questions. We won’t answer any questions that we don’t have the knowledge of, in these cases, we will take note of the question and send to the right person or we will make callback request so you or one of your colleagues can give the appropriate answer.

Can I get a discount?

All our prices are set unless you are a tenant at StartDock Coworking. In that case, you will get a 10% discount on your monthly package price. Want to know more about StartDock; please click here!

Do I get my own phone number?

This is definitely possible, we can provide you with a national or regional phone number. This could, for example, be a 088- or 020-number. For prices, check our add-ons.

How does an operator know that an incoming call is for my company?

All of your incoming calls are going to your private number, then it’s being forwarded to us. Therefore, our system recognizes your phone number and shows the operator all the information that is needed.

Can I try the phone service?

Are you not sure if Telephone Answering Service is what you need? We offer two trial weeks and no notice period.

Get into contact

Need more info?

Let us know what package suits you best, we love to help you to install your virtual office or phone services on our business address! If you have any more questions about our virtual office solutions, don’t hesitate to call us on: +31 20 2440 924


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